ANGRY residents are facing a road repair bill which could cost hundred of thousands of pounds - and the council has said it's the residents' responsibility.

Around 35 householders at Cypress Heights in Athersley were left with an 'unadopted road' when a developer working on the estate went bust.

It emerged that legal agreements under the Highways Act - which should have protected residents against such a risk - were not in place.

Now Barnsley Council says the highway is a private road - and is the residents' responsibility.

The council has advised them to contact solicitors.

Neil Bailey, 38, said: "The road is deteriorating and is a mess. People will not be able to sell their houses because it is not adopted and that will show up on searches.

"There is also a compound left by the builders where they kept all their stuff and kids are getting into that. It's a hazard and an eyesore."

Cllr Roy Miller said the council was exploring how much it would cost to bring the road up to adoptable standards.

But he said: "Such work would have to be at the expense of the adjacent residents in the absence of any financial security for the council to finance these works."

Mr Miller said residents would have bought their homes knowing there was no such security. But one, who did not wish to be named, said: "The council should have ensured the necessary orders under the Highways Act were in place. The road is not our responsibility."