PEOPLE climbing the new sculpture outside Barnsley Town Hall have been warned by a concerned councillor.

Over the past few days, we've been made aware of several people who have taken their life into their own hands by climbing up the 33ft-high sculpture.

"I am extremely concerned about people entering a building site, as well as attempting to climb the sculpture," Cllr Roy Miller said.

"I hope people will use their common sense and refrain from doing so. They are putting their lives at risk.

"The police have rightly arrested an individual for such an act over the weekend, and I would fully expect this to be repeated if such behaviour continues."

When questioned what they're planning to do to prevent people from climbing it in the future, the council released this statement: "Holly bush planting will take place around the base of the sculpture in late June, before the area is open to the public.

"This is intended to act as a deterrent. People should use their common sense and not put their lives in danger by trying to climb it."