A LUNDWOOD man has been jailed for a second time after a campaign of abuse against his elderly neighbours.

Barrie Barker, 58, was handed a 12-month jail term for breaching an anti-social behaviour order - put in place to stop him harassing pensioners Barry and Phyllis Roddis - his neighbours on Lund Close.

He previously served time, again for an ASBO breach, in 2010 after being given a four-month prison term.

Yesterday former magistrate and power-lifting champion Mr Roddis, 72, said he had suffered a nervous breakdown due to the abuse directed at him over nine years.

He and his wife, 71, moved into the quiet cul-de-sac 12 years ago and claim the problems started when he was asked to speak up on behalf of the residents to complain about Barker fixing cars on his driveway.

He said in the latest incidents Barker has smashed their garden fence, stalked them, blocked their driveway and shouted verbal abuse.

The tormented pensioners resorted to installing CCTV cameras which also picked up audio.

"We've been locking ourselves in," said Mr Roddis. "It's been very difficult - we couldn't even take our dog a walk. He was at it all the time, we couldn't go out in the street. I had to have psychiatric treatment. I was suicidal it was that bad."

He said he had also seen a worsening of his angina and had to step down as a magistrate because of stress.