A DREAM home in Barnsley has been voted the best in the region.

Proud owners David Staniland, 58, and Katie Woffindin, 56, built their dream home on Woolley Colliery Road in Darton on the site of the former Woolley pub, which was gutted by a fire in December 2009.

The new house won the title of best individual house at the South Yorkshire and Humber building excellence awards.

Named 'The Woolley', it beat off competition from other new homes to win the top title for excellence in design, construction and workmanship.

The project - which took just over 12 months to complete - saw the pub replaced with a stunning five-bedroom property, complete with an indoor swimming pool.

"I'm the worst DIYer in the world - I have never done anything like this before," said David. "But I am a businessman and I thought if I can manage a business I should be able to apply those skills to managing the build of a house."

The property produces the majority of its own electricity through air source heat pumps and solar panels. It's also timber framed, super insulated and there are more than 300 LED low-energy bulbs throughout the house.