A FLORIST says that a speed bump outside her shop is causing cracks to appear in the walls.

Diane Hall, of Willow Floral Design in Royston, says delivery lorries, cars and buses all pass over the hump in Midland Road and it's taking its toll.

"I don't think the council took it into consideration when they put them down," Diane, 45, said.

"I put new coving in probably ten years ago and all the coving is now cracked.

"When wagons come over too quickly and buses come over too fast and they drop off the end of the speed bump you can feel it upstairs," she said.

Cllr Graham Kyte said a number of complaints had been received about the speed humps including from bus company Stagecoach who said they were damaging buses.

He said engineers at Barnsley Council have been asked to draw up traffic regulation orders so the humps can be removed.

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