A TEEN who sometimes has to use a wheelchair is celebrating - after qualifying for a nationwide dancing competition.

Hayley Davies, 15, has had mobility problems caused by nerve disorder neuropathy for the last three years which means she has to use a wheelchair at times.

Her mum Mandy, 44, said that over the last eight months her mobility has started to deteriorate.

"She has had mobility problems and we didn't know if she would be able to dance," Mandy said.

"Sometimes she has to be in a wheelchair. She has good days and bad days but thankfully for the competition it was a good day."

Hayley and her sister Libby, five, came first and fifth respectively in the North East Medallist of the Year's modern sequence competition last Sunday.

They had to finish in the top 12 in order to qualify for the nationwide Medallist of the Year contest which takes place at the Winter Gardens in Blackpool in October.