A DEVOTED dad has set himself an all-day challenge to raise money for medical research.

Liam Chadwick, 28, and his three golfing pals are celebrating the longest day of the year by playing golf from sunrise to sunset.

Liam, from Hemingfield, and friends Andrew Whaley, Ricky Burns and Stephen Batty are set to put their love of the game to the test, after signing up for the Muscular Dystrophy campaign’s four course classic challenge in June.

Liam’s eight-year-old son, also called Liam, was diagnosed with the muscle-wasting condition, Duchenne muscular dystrophy last year.

Liam Snr explained: "Liam's quite aware of his condition but nothing seems to faze him, he's a great kid with a brilliant personality and he probably copes better than we do."

Liam's team, called the 'Lost Balls', had initially set themselves a £1,000 target but have already raised more than that.

They will be teeing off just after 4am on June 21 and hope to have completed all 72 holes before 10pm as they play their way round Tankersley Golf Club before moving on to Wortley Golf Club, Sandhill Golf Club and Wath Golf Club - a total of 15 miles of fairway.

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