A WORSBROUGH man jailed for helping his friends carry flatscreen TVs stolen from a ransacked house had his sentence cut by top judges.

Anthony Lee Medlam, 25, was jailed for 16 months at Sheffield Crown Court in November last year after he admitted handling stolen goods.

The sentence included the activation of part of a previous suspended sentence.

Medlam, of Worsbrough Dale, was arrested after he agreed to help his friends carry two large-screen TVs previously stolen from a house in Hound Hill Lane, Worsbrough.

Judge Clement Goldstone QC said Medlam pleaded guilty on the basis that he was "asked to assist carrying two TVs into a house and he agreed to do so". He received "no benefit" for his role.

Judge Goldstone, sitting with Lord Justice Jackson and Mrs Justice Thirlwall in London's Appeal Court, said the "custody threshold" had clearly been crossed in Medlam's case, but concluded that the total term was too long.

His sentence was cut to 12 months.