A PENSIONER was left with 41 stitches in her face and leg after falling on her garden path for a second time - nine months after she asked Berneslai Homes for a handrail.

Doreen Derbyshire, 84, of Claycliffe Avenue, Redbrook, had been out to admire her garden and was walking back to her front door when she fell.

She was laid on the floor for 20 minutes until a neighbour found her and called an ambulance.

Doreen said: "I used to love to go out and sit in my garden on a fine day but I've been nervous on that path since my last fall and now I'm frightened to go out."

Doreen had grab-rails fitted down the steps outside her door after she fell in August, and her family asked Berneslai Homes to fit railings along the 11-metre long path.

They claimed workmen came to measure up but that no-one turned up to do the work and they were then told the rails would not be fitted.

After her latest fall last Wednesday, Doreen's family contacted Berneslai Homes again, who told them Doreen should use a wheelchair when using her garden path.

Her granddaughter Joanne, 32, of Rowland Road, Gawber, said she had been told by Berneslai Homes they would fit rails along the path if Doreen paid £8,000.

After an appeal, Mrs Derbyshire's case is being reviewed and she'll find out this month if it's been successful.