LOSSES of up to £15,000 could spell the end for BOMfest, its organisers have warned.

Postponement of last year's festival - after hay in a field where it was being staged was deemed too wet to cut - cost them between £10,000 and £15,000 and the group is still being chased for debts by contractors.

This summer's event has already been cancelled and the festival's manager, Dave Hancock, said it's been shelved because the voluntary team is 'fed up of jumping through hoops' with Barnsley Council.

He said as well as taking on a new venue in Sheffield, and some of the team moving on, he felt Barnsley Council's public events administrators had been 'obstructive' when it came to staging the outdoor festival.

He said the breaking point came last year when the July event at Worsbrough Country Park had to be postponed until September.

Dave said BOMfest offered to pay £2,000 to cover money that would be lost by cutting the hay, which is sold for animal feed, early but it was declined.

"If I never run an event in Barnsley again I wouldn't be bothered because we have had so much hassle from the council over the years," said Dave.

"It has been one nightmare after another, especially last year.

"We had to move a £40,000 event for £2,000 worth of hay and it was our necks that were on the line, not the council's.

"We made a massive loss last year due to it being pulled at the last minute."

He said their insurance company is now pursuing a claim against Barnsley Council for the losses.