A HAIRDRESSER was knocked off his bike in a hit and run.

Ian Hodgson, 45, had cycled from his home on Dodworth Road, Barnsley, to Manvers and was knocked off his bike on Golden Smithies Lane by a car which sped off last Wednesday.

He was helped by another motorist who offered to take him to hospital but pushed his arm back into place and cycled on to Capita on Manvers Way where he collapsed.

A cyclist stopped to help Ian and he called a friend to take him to hospital.

"It was only when I got to hospital that I realised the severity of what had happened", said Ian.

His arm is broken and fractured in three places and he is waiting to see if he needs an operation to insert a plate.

"In my left arm I'm suffering from a tennis elbow kind of pain from my arm and into my neck.

"I'm also having palpitations which I've never had before."

Ian, who owns Life hair salon on Summer Lane, Barnsley, has been a hairdresser for about 25 years and although he can't physically work, he is at the salon instructing another hairdresser.

He said some clients were still having their hair done but he was losing money because of it.

Ian reported the matter to the police and is hoping the motorist who helped him near the roundabout will come forward.