AN 85-Year-Old Barnsley pensioner is searching for the good samaritans who stopped to help him rescue his dog on Girlroyd Bridge yesterday lunctime (October, 25).

Frederick Swinden, 85, had only just set off on his walk with his greyhound Holly when she collapsed. Mr Swinden was unable to lift the dog himself but two passing motorists pulled over to help him.

He said: "It has quite floored me really. I don't know who these ladies were, and I didn't get their names but I would love to say thank you for their help. They just stopped their cars and came running across the road.

"Holly is normally a really fit dog - but she only managed about ten yards and she collapsed. They were complete strangers but they didn't hesitate."

The women stayed with Frederick and Holly for almost 20 minutes - one woman, who said she had cared for greyhounds herself for 34 years - spent 15 minutes massaging Holly and bringing her around until she could find her feet.

Frederick said: "You just don't see people dashing to help every day. I am sure if these ladies could have carried Holly themselves they would have done."

Holly managed to regain her feet and make it home but when Frederick took her to the vets, she unfortunately had to be put to sleep.

Frederick would love to contact the two good Samaritans - one of whom was with her daughter - to say thanks.