A WARNING has gone out to residents across the borough who may have purchased a fake vodka that could harm their health.

Bottles of illicit or counterfeit vodka have recently been seized by Barnsley Council's Regulatory Services Food Standards Officers from small retailers in Darfield, Wombwell and Hoyland.

It is thought that it was likely diluted down from industrial alcohol, which is not intended for human consumption.   Food Standards Officers are particularly concerned about the following two products Arctic Ice Vodka 70cl and Counterfeit Smirnoff Red Label Vodka 70cl

This illegal product can be identified by its acetone smell (similar to nail polish remover) and a printed black lot number which is visible through the glass on the back of the front label.

If you have think you may have purchased one of these products, do not drink it and please contact Regulatory Services on 01226 772539.

Coun Roy Miller, Cabinet Spokesperson, said: “We are committed to stamping out food fraud in Barnsley and ensuring that illicit and potentially dangerous products are not sold in our shops. Counterfeit products such as these do not only have a detrimental effect on legitimate trade, but are also potentially very harmful to a person’s health. I urge anyone who thinks they may have purchased illicit vodka to contact Regulatory Services."