ALL deaths at Barnsley Hospital are to be reviewed to help reduce mortality rates.

Staff will be working with the medical examiner in Sheffield to help try and reduce the mortality ratio - which is higher than it should be.

From April 2012 to January 2013, there were 752 deaths at the hospital, the expected number being 705.5.

The hospital's standard mortality ratio (HSMR) compares the observed number of deaths in Barnsley with the expected number of deaths based on national data.

The hospital's ratio for April 2012 to January was 106.6, but it should be below 100.

An action plan has been put in place to help reduce the ratio to below 100 by October, to eliminate all avoidable deaths and to learn from serious incidents and complaints.

Medical director Dr Jugnu Mahajan said in her report this was worrying because there was a risk of the trust becoming one which has a ratio outside the expected range.

The Mortality Steering Group has asked for an urgent review of all deaths at Barnsley Hospital in December.

Steve Wragg, chairman of the hospital, said: "We've got to get it down to 100. We finished the last action plan and got it down but not enough. So we've got another set of actions in place. We're not taking our foot off the pedal."