POLICE have closed a property after reports of Class A drug dealing and anti-social behaviour.

The closure of the property on Lansdowne Close, Thurnscoe, follows complaints from the community and a subsequent three-month investigation.

The closure order was granted by Barnsley Magistrates' Court on May 13, due to the supply of Class A drugs, after evidence was presented by the police and council.

Nobody is allowed to enter the property for three months, and Berneslai Homes have also made an application to repossess the property.

Activities at the Berneslai Homes property, which was occupied by a 44-year-old woman, had been causing problems for residents living nearby for some time.

Police officers worked with Barnsley Council over a three-month period, during which time evidence was obtained of drug supply from the address.

In April this year, a warrant was issued to search the premises. The 44-year-old occupant was arrested along with others at the address.

Other people have been arrested linked to the drug activities at the property, and they're being dealt with for their offences.

PC Jayne Morriss, who led the closure, said: "There had been a number of reports of drug dealing and nuisance behaviour at this property for some time, leading to some residents moving from the area.

"The closure of the property is really positive for the community and I hope they can now feel safe and assured that we will continue to put a stop to this kind of behaviour."

If you would like to report nuisance behaviour or if you suspect drug dealing at a property in your area, please contact the police on 101 or Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.