A SHOPKEEPER whose business lost £4,500 because roadworks cut off his shop has found out that he will not be entitled to compensation.

Stephen Roebuck, who owns the Paws 'n' Fins pet shop on Hill Street in Elsecar, has been told by Network Rail that his claim for compensation was unsuccessful.

According to Network Rail - which closed Hill Street for nine weeks last year while work was done on the railway bridge - compensation can only be paid out if property damage or personal injury has occurred.

Stephen said that he had only been told about the road closure a week before it took place.

He said his yearly profits had gone down by 26 per cent - losing roughly £4,500.

Stephen said 95 per cent of his customers come to the shop in cars, and with the roadworks it meant cars would have to travel an extra three miles there and back.

He said: "If I had fallen down a hole then yes, they would give me compensation, but they're not going to.

"Four out of the nine weeks it was closed they didn't even work on the bridge."

Stephen was sent a letter from Network Rail, explaining the reason for the decision not to compensate him but he's not going to appeal it.

A spokesman for Network Rail, said: "Mr Roebuck's loss is wholly financial and he hasn't suffered any injury or damages, therefore on this occasion we have no offer to make.

"We can only compensate if a contract is in place between the company and Network Rail and as there was not this time, the claim was repudiated."