MORE than 2,000 people in Barnsley suffer from an eye condition which is the leading cause of sight loss in people aged over 50.

Research conducted by the Royal National Institute of Blind People showed 2,200 people suffer from age-related macular degeneration, which can cause the vision to be distorted or blurry and may lead to blind spots.

This research has been released as part of the RNIB's Spot The Signs campaign to help people recognise the symptoms of AMD and encourage regular eye checks.

There are two forms of the condition - wet and dry, with 1,510 and 710 people in Barnsley suffering from each form respectively.

Helen May, the RNIB's optometrist, said losing central vision can make everyday tasks such as reading, driving and preparing food difficult.

"It doesn't have to be this way and people should not be losing their sight unnecessarily when there's treatment available."

According to the research, the number of estimated people living with sight loss in Barnsley is 6,860.

By 2020, this number is expected to rise to 7,970.