A BABY was born 11 weeks early because he risked the life of his mother is now back at home.

Doctors decided to deliver Thomas Paterson early after diagnosing mum Victoria was diagnosed with pre-eclampsia, which causes dangerously high blood pressure, and they feared she could die if the pregnancy continued.

Thomas, who was due on March 5, was born by Caesarean section in Barnsley Hospital on December 23 - nine days after Victoria was admitted following a routine check up with a midwife.

Victoria, 28, who lives near Locke Park, was so convinced she would be home the day she went for her check up, she texted a friend to say should would be late for their dinner reservations.

"I was convinced I was only having my blood pressure taken and that I would be home later that night but I didn't actually come home until after I'd had the baby."

He weighed in at 2.5lbs and was whisked off to the special care baby unit where he was placed in an incubator.

Victoria said: "I was just in shock but the staff were amazing. We can't thank them enough - they saved his life. They said If I didn't have him he could've killed me and he wouldn't have survived anyway."

Husband Matthew, 35, added: "We knew by delivering him that young there would be a chance that he wouldn't survive but we just thought if it's got to be it's got to be."

Thomas remained in hospital for ten weeks and Victoria said it was awful having to return home without him.

He now weighs a healthy 9.10lbs and suffers from acid reflux but is otherwise healthy and happy.

Victoria added: "Thomas is still like a newborn baby, he's only just started smiling but it was lovely when he did it for the first time."