A PAIR of pensioners have shown a village how it's done - by taking it upon themselves to clean up the area.

Barrie Clarke, 71, and Colin Wadsworth, 70, are single-handedly cleaning up the Tingle Bridge area of Hemingfield after becoming tired of spotting so much litter in the area while out walking.

Barrie has been keeping his street litter free for the past year after approaching Hemingfield Action Group chairman Ian Warhurst for a litter picker, gloves and bags.

He had told Ian he would love to keep other areas of the village clean but did not feel comfortable doing it on his own.

But about five weeks ago, Colin also approached Ian about litter on the canal bank so Ian arranged for the two to get together and the group supplied them with equipment and high visibility vests.

To date they have filled 30 bags with litter in three weeks and said they wanted to set an example to other Hemingfield residents.

"It only takes two or three people in each area to pick up all the litter and it's a good job," said Barrie. "It's better than sitting at home watching television and you get out in the fresh air with plenty of exercise.

"We get a great feeling of satisfaction in the fact we are making a difference to the area in which we live and everybody benefits from the work we are doing."