A FOOD bank has been agreed for Cudworth - but advice is needed on how to set it up.

Members of the public, church representatives and Cudworth councillor Joe Hayward said they would provide the lifeline at a meeting last Tuesday.

The group is to speak with Rev Mick Neal, the superintendent of the Barnsley Methodist circuit, for more guidance. Rev Neal is the chairman of The Barnsley Food Bank Partnership - made up of churches, statutory and voluntary agencies across the borough.

The partnership wants to set up a food bank for the borough with a central collection point and a number of distribution centres throughout the area.

Rev Neal said he is hoping other food banks already established will affiliate with it.

"The food bank model is a community response to a community issue so we're hoping all of the borough get involved," he said.

Fr David Nicholson, of St John The Baptist Church, issued the rallying call last month, fearing the recession is hitting families hard and saying there was a need in Cudworth because of the number of free school meals being given out to children.

He said at the meeting: "The memories of the 1980s aren't that far away when people rallied around and provided for the miners' families."

The group also discussed venues for the food bank and Cllr Hayward said he would look into this further.

Mr Hayward reiterated the worrying impact cuts in benefits including the 'bedroom tax' would have on the community but said the project had potential with the help of volunteers.

"We go home and we have our tea and we think it's natural. It's not for a lot of people," he said.

"It's a small flame at this present time but it can turn into a big fire."