AN appeal to give sight to a blind puppy has touched hearts all over the region.

Poppy the boxer was born with severe cataracts on both her eyes and needs a £4,000 operation to allow her to be able to see the world normally.

Her devoted owners have vowed to do everything they can to help Poppy and have already raised £500 with plans for more fundraising events.

"We all love Poppy, she is such an amazing little character and as soon as we were told how bad her vision was we were determined to keep and try to help her," said her owner, Nikki Wroe.

"She follows her mum everywhere, but she will have no real quality of life unless she can see more."

Poppy, one of 11 puppies born to Nikki's pet Lola five months ago, follows Lola all over the family home in Monk Bretton.

"She is quite good at getting around the house because obviously she sort of knows her way around. But when we are outside she sticks to Lola like glue and if Lola runs ahead of her Poppy is completely lost - she just can't see where she is going and that frightens her."

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