SCORES of people have been contacting MP Dan Jarvis with concerns about the effects of pesticides on the bee population.

Mr Jarvis said bees were vital to the food chain as they pollinate the majority of fruit and vegetables.

Without bees, costs for farmers would lead to higher food prices.

Some experts claim that if the crops and plants which bees pollinate were unable to reproduce and became extinct, it could lead to the disappearance of certain food chains.

Mr Jarvis said: "You'd be surprised how many people have contacted me about the bee population.

"People understand they're an integral part of our eco system and scores of Barnsley people have written to me to express their concerns about the bee population."

Mr Jarvis said he would be raising the matter in Parliament and would be writing to ministers to see what could be done to address such concerns.

He added: "The concern is if you lose a significant amount of bees, it would cause a knock-on effect on our eco system - there is a clear link. There's a very famous quote the goes along the lines of 'if bees die out the whole world will come to an end'. That's a bit alarmist but I am concerned."