A CONTROVERSIAL temporary phone mast could be removed from the former Wombwell Baths 'any time now' after the building's chimney was primed for a permanent mast.

The temporary mast, for telecommunications network Everything Everywhere (formerly Orange and T-Mobile), was erected in the back yard of the former baths in January.

This was due to the existing mast being removed from the former Wombwell High School ahead of its demolition.

Hemingfield Road businessman Kelvin Shaw, who bought the former baths for £81,000 at auction in September 2011, has signed a 20-year lease with the company to site the mast at the top of the former baths' chimney but the mast could not be fitted until the structural soundness of the chimney was checked.

Kelvin said he had spent three weeks repointing, repairing and cleaning the chimney and was now expecting the mast to be fitted 'any time'. This would mean the temporary mast - which Collingridge Road residents labelled an eyesore - would be taken down.

Everything Everywhere is involved in a continuing dispute with the council over the circumstances of the temporary mast's erection.

"The council has served an enforcement notice to the owners and occupiers of the site," said Cllr Roy Miller.

"The occupiers, Everything Everywhere, have put in an appeal against the notice which has gone to the planning inspectorate.

"The council has sent out letters to neighbouring occupiers to update them of the current situation. At this stage, the council is preparing a statement to put forward to the inspector."