RESIDENTS have complained to the Ombudsman over Barnsley Council's decision to approve plans for a supermarket on the former Royston High School site.

Sam Morgan, of Doles Crescent, Royston, said residents aren't happy with the decision and has logged the complaint after speaking to the council.

The Local Government Ombudsman acts as a watchdog for local authorities to make sure they're acting correctly and complaints can be made about planning procedures.

"We're not happy with the reply from the council and we feel we need to go to the Ombudsman with it now," Sam said.

"We just don't think the ASDA objection (about the high school plan) was not properly considered. To be honest when something that big comes in, the decision should've been deferred.

"We just don't think it's all been considered properly."

ASDA said the impact of the development would be more severe on business than stated in the application because figures used were out of date.

Councillors on the planning board gave the green light for the £7 million scheme in February with a new supermarket, petrol station and more than 140 new homes off Midland Road.

This was agreed despite objections from local councillors and residents and all three Royston councillors.

Cllr Tim Cheetham said he was sure the Ombudsman would investigate the matter fully, looking at the application process and the planning meeting: "There was a very strong feeling about it by the community and it doesn't surprise me that members of the community have reached the decision they have reached," he said.