STAFF at Barnsley Hospital would recommend it as a place to work and receive treatment, according to a survey.

The findings of the survey were summarised into 28 key points.

The top five highest scoring areas were: staff receiving health and safety training, staff having equality and diversity training, staff believing the trust provides equal opportunities for career progression or promotion, staff saying hand washing materials are always available.

The bottom five areas were: staff suffering work-related stress, staff motivation at work, staff agreeing their role makes a difference to patients, staff experiencing physical violence from patients, relatives or the public, and staff having well structured appraisals.

Lesley Driver, who led the survey, said: "These are very positive results for us and show that staff find Barnsley Hospital a very good place to work.

"We're particularly pleased that we have shown so much improvement on our 2011 outcomes, both in terms of the number of staff who returned the survey and in terms of what they told us about the hospital.

"For example, more staff are now saying that they would recommend the hospital as a place to work, and more staff are saying they have been given appraisals."

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