A TALENTED singer-songwriter who successfully appeared on The Voice has also won a recording competition.

Emily Worton, 18, appeared on TV screens throughout the country and wowed judges with her take on Pulp's Britpop classic, Common People.

She has released a track called 'Side By Side' which has been recorded at 24 Live music studio in Barnsley after entering an online competition.

It's now available for a free download.

"Up until about a year ago I found it really hard to to write my own material and when I was writing I wasn't very comfortable with it and I used to screw it up," she said.

"It was brilliant it was the first time I had been in a professional recording studio so It was a really good experience."

Emily, who is a music student at Barnsley College, has been gigging since she was 14. She plays guitar, piano and harmonica to accompany her vocals and in July will be appearing at Barnsley's Coalfields Festival.