A FOOD bank could be set up in Cudworth.

Rev David Nicholson, of St John The Baptist Church, said the idea was in its early stages but is asking local schools, the health centre, other clinicians and other churches to attend a meeting on April 30.

"I'm just trying to gather people together who are interested," he said.

"There's pretty clear evidence in the number of free school meals the children in Cudworth have that there's probably a need for something.

"The recession is hitting hard I think and more people are finding it hard to make ends meet."

Finer points of how the food bank will work need to be ironed out, but it will not be a one-off service.

"I don't think it's going to get better for some of our families," he said.

Food banks have already been set up in other parts of the borough including Goldthorpe, Athersley and Gateway Church in Barnsley's town centre.

The town centre service was launched in February and people are given supplies every three days including tins of meat, potatoes and vegetables, coffee, milk and cereal.