WABers Pat Harrod and Wendy Ross show how they are proud of Barnsley by wearing their I Talk Tarn tee-shirts from wearebarnsley.com on the beach at Blackpool. It was the first time Wendy had ever visited the seaside town.

Barnsley fan Celebrity Monkey won a WAB tee as a consolation prize when he didn't get to turn the Christmas lights on. He says he's growing into it.

Steve Chamberlain is a WABer from Melbourne, Australia. He's a Barnsley lad through and through and listens to WAB Radio regularly.

Nat Hodgson proudly shows off her WAB tee. She won it in a recent giveaway!

*We'd love to see photos of you in the limited edition teeshirts - if you have a photo, send it to nicky@wearebarnsley.com*