A KES-INSPIRED project is proving to be a hit with young men in Barnsley.

The Kes Project was set up by Berneslai Homes and Carlton Community College and is designed to encourage young people whose behaviour is not as it should be, through teaching them about falconry.

Tyler Parkin, Tom Pickering and Ben Willey have recently passed their falconry award following an eight-week course.

The project - funded by Carlton Community College - aims to help pupils who have been disinterested in education and is run in conjunction with James McKay at the National Falconry School in Derbyshire.

Whilst on the course pupils continue with their school work and are set clear guidelines as to the behaviour expected whilst on the course and also at home and college.

“I am delighted that Tyler, Tom and Ben have successfully passed the course," said Berneslai Homes' housing management officer, Chris Corker.

"Their headteacher has told me that since being on The Kes Project their attendance has been greatly improved as well as their attitudes towards their school work."