WAB DJ Tommy Taylor has had great tips over the years from some legendary names - including world famous impersonator Danny La Rue.

"I was working as a compere at Wakefield Theatre Club and was nervous," said Tommy, who's celebrating 45 years in the industry next month. "I went to talk to Danny and he was so understanding - he told me never to lose the nerves and made me feel better by saying that Tommy Steele (regarded as Britain's first teen idol) got so nervous he could be physically ill on his way to the stage."

Tommy met other big names working the clubs including The Three Degrees, Showaddywaddy, Black Lace, and comedian Stan Boardman.

"The Three Degrees were so down to earth," he said.

Tommy also has the distinction of receiving a silver disc from Smokie for his promotion of the worldwide hit 'Living Next Door to Alice'.

"The song was a hit in Ireland way before it was a hit in England," Tommy said. "Smokie gave me a silver disc for sales of 200,000 copies. To get that when you can't even sing is quite something."

Tommy also worked with Black Lace who made the party hit 'Agadoo'. It sold more than a million copies worldwide in 1984.

Tommy, 63, who lives in Cudworth, was born in Northern Ireland but left aged 16 to work as an apprentice in a Wakefield wool factory.

He had always liked music and set up a mobile disco, with his first gig at The Station pub in Crigglestone.

He didn't go full-time with the disco until the 1980s when he gave up his then job as assistant manager at Castles on Market Hill in Barnsley.

Tommy still works five nights a week, including spots on We Are Barnsley radio, and his business Double Tee Discotheque Co.

He added: "The art of DJing is becoming something else but mobile discos don't change. It's all about entertaining people - and it's always nice to see them enjoying themselves."