MP MICHAEL Dugher has called for urgent action to tackle long-term youth unemployment as figures have shown yet another increase in Barnsley.

The Barnsley East MP has called for the urgent introduction of a “Real Jobs Guarantee” to tackle the growing problem of long-term unemployment in Barnsley.

The latest unemployment figures, released on April 17, show that the number of 18 to 24-year-olds in Barnsley who have been unemployed for more than twelve months has risen yet again. It now stands at 530 - up from just 155 two years ago.

Michael has welcomed the slight fall in the total number of people claiming Jobs Seeker’s Allowance (JSA) in Barnsley, which now stands at 7,860. However, overall the figure has increased by 12.8 per cent over the last two years.

"Overall, unemployment is much higher than two years ago and long-term youth unemployment in Barnsley has risen yet again, demonstrating how the government’s failing to make a difference," said the MP. 

“In Barnsley, the number of 18 to 24-year-olds who have been unemployed for more than twelve months has increased by a massive 241 per cent in the last two years." 

The scheme, which would require young people to take up the offered position or face possible benefit sanctions, would help 530 18-24 year olds in Barnsley alone, according to Mr Dugher.