AN ESCAPED murderer re-captured in New Lodge has appeared at Barnsley Magistrates' Court.

Craig Hendley, 42, was arrested after seen running from a home on the estate, the court was told.

Chantel Lowery Green, prosecuting, said Hendley was serving a life sentence following a murder in 1992.

She said that in 1995 he was involved in an assault on Ian Black, another high-profile inmate, in Wakefield Prison.

Mrs Lowery Green said Hendley had been in a lower security jail near Redcar since October.

"He was allowed to work at the Salvation Army in Redcar," she said. "He did not turn up and an item appeared on TV news saying he was on the run."

Hendley remained handcuffed in the dock because there would be a fear he would be violent if the cuffs were removed.

Hendley was jailed for 16 weeks to run concurrently with his present sentence.