A MINING memorial will be erected in Mapplewell in tribute to those who worked in the village's North Gawber Colliery.

It came after residents approached Cllr Harry Spence saying they wanted something to mark the pit site, on Carr Green Lane, which will soon be transformed by a residential development for hundreds of houses.

Cllr Spence said the sculpture will be erected in a landscaped area in front of the Co-operative store, on Blacker Road.

"First I got permission from the Co-op because it will be on their land and I was clear about what we wanted when it came to the sculpture itself," he said. "What I didn't want was a half circular things or a block of stones, so what I have gone for is an exact replica, scaled down of course, of a pit head gear."

The two-metre high sculpture will have two plaques - one as a tribute to all employees who worked in the colliery and the second a memorial to the 19 who died in an explosion in the pit on September 12, 1935.