AT least a third of the 3,500 Barnsley school uniforms donated to a village in Africa came from Wombwell High.

Lisa Beckingham, 32, appealed for donations of unwanted school uniforms last year to send to the village of Arusha in the African nation of Tanzania - where children are not allowed to go to school unless they have a uniform.

Subsequently many kids end up working in the local gravel mine so Lisa wanted to collect as many uniforms as she could to allow them to go to school instead.

She came up with the idea after doing voluntary work in Ghana, and kind-hearted Barnsley Chronicle readers helped raise £1,000 to ship the uniforms to Tanzania.

Although she only expected to collect a few dozen, she was amazed to receive 3,500 from 12 schools - at least 1,000 of which were from Wombwell High - and most of them new.

"We originally had eight schools on board and then there was a piece in the Chronicle about it - which is how Kevin Osborne, a governor at Wombwell High, got involved," Lisa said.

"About 1,000 of the uniforms we ended up collecting came from Wombwell High and a lot of those were brand new polo shorts that were still wrapped up."

Wombwell High closed in summer 2012 when it was merged with Darfield Foulstone to form Netherwood School - which is housed in a new building on the site of the former Darfield Main Colliery.