A MOTHER who suffered from depression was found hanged in her garage by her husband.

Former teacher and mum-of-three Susan Dickson, from Penistone, killed herself in October, an inquest was told.

The 54-year-old took two drug overdoses in 2008 but had not self-harmed in four years and not considered a high suicide risk by doctors at the time of her death, according to statements read at the inquest.

Mrs Dickson, whose mother, husband Richard, and daughters Charlotte, Rachel and Zoe were present in court, was diagnosed with a persistent delusional disorder in April 2008, had been prescribed a series of anti-psychotic medication and undergone psychotherapy.

In a statement read out in court, Charlotte said her mother began to feel pressure in late 2007 during an Ofsted inspection, before overdosing twice in early 2008.

Recording a verdict of suicide, assistant deputy coroner Donald Coutts-Wood, said: "At some point during that day, Mrs Dickson decided to do that act. There's nothing to suggest she intended any other outcome of that achieved."