A FORMER official of Barnsley Lawn Tennis Club has lost his case for thousands of pounds in damages after trying to sue the club following his dismissal more than two years ago.

Barrie Betton took legal action against the club, demanding up to £3,000 in damages after he was removed from his position as secretary.

Mr Betton also sought a declaration by Barnsley County Court to say the club's decision to suspend and remove him from that position was 'null and void'.

Christopher Day is chairman of the Wilthorpe-based club, which was established in 1893.

Mr Day informed members of the case's outcome in an email in which he said the club's committee was 'disappointed' Mr Betton had taken legal action.

"I'm pleased to confirm that, having heard the evidence, the judge found in favour of BLTC," said Mr Dry. "The club's evidence in this case was compelling and that there had been no breach of club rules or natural justice as had been alleged. Accordingly, the judge dismissed the case and ordered that Barrie Betton pay BLTC costs in the sum of £6,708."