LITTLE Ebonie Webb underwent a scan which revealed cysts had appeared on the tumour in her brain.

The five-year-old, from Honeywell, had the scan last month.

She was diagnosed with a brain tumour when she was six-months-old, which also spread to her spine.

Before Christmas, Ebonie underwent an operation to reduce the size of the tumour, followed by 30 rounds of radiotherapy.

But her latest scan showed cysts on her tumour were full of fluid.

"She's got to see a specialist with a view to another operation," said Shane Bristow, who runs the Team Ebonie website.

"It's not the news we were all wanting but Ebonie's a fighter - she has proved them all wrong before and I'm sure she'll do it again."

The Joseph Locke Primary pupil will also visit an eye specialist to check on her sight.

Ebonie's parents Mick and Leanne have raised more than £90,000 for Ebonie to have groundbreaking treatment in America and are currently looking at what is suitable for her.