WABers, what makes the perfect man? What skills do they need? Whether it's how to pull the perfect pint or DIY, a men's voluntary group wants to know.

Barnsley Round Table is on a mission to compile the ultimate 'men's finishing school' guide.

With the rules less clear than they were when the organisation was established 85 years ago, it wants men from Barnsley to submit their essential man skills.

Round Table UK's Cait Allen, said: "Round Table has been built around providing a network of advice and camaraderie for men aged 18-45 since 1927, and therefore our members are well placed to give guidance to men."

"But we are also appealing to people in Barnsley to send us their thoughts with the aim of using the responses we receive to produce a definitive guide to becoming an all-round modern day gentleman!"

To submit tips, email here.