LIFE-LONG Barnsley fans are angry at how police handled the derby clash at Hillsborough.

They claim they were "let down" and left in a vulnerable situation when South Yorkshire Police failed to ensure they could safely get to coaches taking them home after the match with Sheffield Wednesday.

The fans say although police separated the rival fans immediately after they left the ground, they were then left with no protection as they headed to the coaches lined up on Leppings Lane.

"There was a single solitary copper standing there - we were surrounded by aggressive Wednesday fans who started to get threatening and all we had was one policeman," said Jeff Wroe, 59, from Elsecar.

Jeff, who has been supporting Barnsley "since I was a lad" added: "As they started to attack and kick people I actually shouted at that police officer for help and he replied: 'I'm on my own'. To be honest I think he was more frightened and intimidated than we were, and what could he do? He was left there with no support."

Lester Dickinson, also from Elsecar, has been a Reds fan since he was six.

"It was horrible," said 49-year-old Lester.

"I have never seen anything like it, the police just abandoned us. I saw a ten-year-old lad get felled by a grown-up Wednesday fan who just thumped him. He was left with blood pouring from his head."