LIBRARY users in Monk Bretton say they're fed up with the way Barnsley Council has handled the future of the service.

On March 11, the council announced that it would close on March 29, replaced by a mobile service until it was relocated to the former Redfearns Sports and Social Club later in the year.

Just a week later, the council changed its mind.

A media release stated: "Further to a recent media release, Barnsley Council has decided the library will not close until the new provision (at the Redfearns site) is ready later in the year."

Despite the news, some clubs and groups that use the library as its location have already disbanded, and even leaving parties have been staged.

One regular visitor asked: "How can a library be closing one day, then open the next?"

"Those of us who use the library are angry, upset and very confused," she added.