EARLIER this year South Yorkshire Police said that they're committed to being open and transparent.

They announced that from April 2013 it would publish details of officer dismissals and instances of when officers resign in disciplinary circumstances on the force's website.

"From April 2 we'll be making it much easier for the public to see details about officers who are dismissed when serious misconduct is proven," said chief constable David Compton. "I have consistently said that we take integrity matters seriously and I want the public to be able to see that the vast majority of South Yorkshire Police officers act professionally and with integrity at all times, but sometimes a small minority let us down and the force does not shy away from taking decisive and robust action."

Commissioner Shaun Wright, said: "I fully support the work of the chief constable in providing details of dismissals due to misconduct. Transparency is the key to ensuring that the residents of South Yorkshire have confidence in the police service.”

For more on the force's new page, click here.