IT WILL be snowing in Barnsley town centre today as the NHS brings an artificial snow machine and winter wonderland props into the town centre.

Brave staff have even been dressed in penguin costumes to launch the winter health advice campaign, organised by NHS Barnsley.

Elizabeth Shassere, director of public health for Barnsley, said: "Reminding people to be prepared now is vital because we know many don’t think about getting the flu vaccine until the virus is in circulation - but by then it could be too late.”

It comes after research revealed that out of the estimated 100,000 people eligible for the seasonal flu jab in Barnsley, last year nearly half (40,000) didn’t get the jab.

NHS Barnsley estimates that by avoiding just one admission to hospital because of flu-like symptoms the NHS locally would save roughly £1,500. Over the past three years the NHS estimates that 122 people died over the winter period in Barnsley.

The fake snow fall will begin Wednesday (October 12) outside Topshop at 12pm.