RESIDENTS of a little-known hamlet off Wombwell Lane believe the historic settlement is threatened by the government's high speed rail plan.

Swaithe is situated between Wombwell Lane and Kendray and is mostly made up of agricultural fields, a few houses and Swaithe Wood.

The planned HS2 railway would cut through the middle of Swaithe Wood as well as Caulk Lane, which is the hamlet's access point from Wombwell Lane.

But, following Lord Justice Ouseley's rejection of cases challenging the legality of the plans at the High Court, Swaithe resident Gillian Anderson said she feels many people are still unaware of what could be happening on their doorsteps - and that they have only until April 29 to apply to take part in the consultation that will judge eligibility for compensation.

"Nobody around here has got any response from councillors on the issue, which I find staggering," she said. "It's a lovely area of Barnsley where we live, with a lovely community and there's a lot of history here, too - Swaithe House Farm, where I live, is 500 years old."