PLANS to reduce 60mph speed limits on two approaches to Thurgoland have been proposed by Barnsley Council.

Suggested alterations will affect Halifax Road, coming from Wortley, and Thurgoland Bank, which connects Oxspring and Thurgoland.

Plans will see a 40mph limit put in place on Halifax Road, 73 metres before the junction with Crane Moor Road, before it reduces to 30mph near Ernest Thorpe's garage.

The 30mph limit from the top of Thurgoland Bank will be extended for an additional 47m in the direction of Oxspring, while the link road between Thurgoland Bank and Rag Lane will also be subject to a 30mph limit.

"We're anxiously awaiting implementation," said Cllr Paul Hand-Davis. "I'm very much behind the concept."

"Any traffic policeman will tell you that 60mph to 30mph is the hardest reduction to make. On our country roads, it's a big issue," he added.

A plan showing the proposed restrictions may be examined at Penistone Library or the Barnsley Connects Service Centre, Eldon Street, Barnsley.