THE PUBLIC inquiry into whether UK Coal should be allow to redevelop a local colliery site into a housing estate relaunches in Barnsley this week.

UK Coal wants to use the site of North Gawber Colliery and the CISWO sports pitch on Spark Lane and Green Lane in Mapplewell for a residential development including retirement homes and the relocation of the sports pitch but the plan was refused by council planners.

The company appealed against the decision and it is now being considered by a planning inspector.

The inquiry, held in the Lecture and Seminar Room, Barnsley Central Library, Shambles Street, resumes at 10am on Tuesday and is scheduled to last four days.

The planning inspector is there to gather information from locals and will prepare a report which will be passed on to the government to determine the outcome of the appeal.

What do you think? Should the scheme be passed?