A PROTEST march which is happening this week stretching from Jarrow to London will come to Barnsley tomorrow (October 11.)

The Youth March For Jobs will see young people, trade unionists, students and unemployed activists hold a rally against youth unemployment at 5pm in the town centre.

Estelle Mageean, an unemployed former student from Barnsley, said: "‘I find it disgusting that with all the years I have of education qualifications and work experience, I am still unable to find work. There are so few vacancies available that everyone is now fighting for the same job. Where is the logic? How can we encourage people to work when the jobs are so few and those that there are, the pay is so low?’’

The Jarrow March is campaigning for the reinstatement of EMA payments and a programme to create jobs and apprenticeships which offer guaranteed jobs at the end, which pay at least minimum wage.

Eventually the March will reach London for the mass demonstration assembling at Temple Embankment, on November 5.