THE financial ombudsman has ordered £15,000 be paid to Darfield Cricket Club - 18 months after a similar sum was stolen by its former steward.

Club secretary David Wainwright said he was delighted with the news the club's insurers had been ordered to pay out - after spending 18 months fighting for the cash.

Former club steward Glyn Noble was sentenced to nine months' imprisonment in January 2012 after admitting the theft of £14,465 to feed a gambling habit.

He had been employed for five years but began stealing the money three months before his arrest in September 2012.

However, the club was unable to claim it back from the insurers because loss adjuster Cunningham and Lindsey argued a clause had been broken in the insurance contract requiring the steward to take two weeks' consecutive holiday every 12 months.

However David argued the club's case and the ombudsman ordered the money be paid within 28 days of March 1.

"I'm really pleased because it's a members' club and that's their money," he said. "It took me 18 months and I could have hired a solicitor to argue our case but then it would have cost the members money if we lost."