13.32 - Ed Miliband says every time the Chancellor comes to the House of Commons things are worse. "Higher borrowing, lower growth," he says.

13.33 - People in the country think growth matters - says Mr Miliband, calling Mr Osborne a "downgraded chancellor".

13.35 - Mr Miliband taunts George Osborne about the fact his Budget appears to have been leaked to the Evening Standard.

13.37 - In the Commons, Ed Miliband says the Office for Budget Responsibility has confirmed people will be worse off in 2015 than they were in 2010 - so people will be worse off than they were under Labour.

13.37 - Mr Osborne is "the wrong man in the wrong place" to fix the country, the Labour leader tells MPs.

13.39 - The Institute of Directors has praise for the Budget. In a statement, it says: "The new allowance to reduce the tax on employing people is a welcome boost for businesses who are working hard to grow. The private sector has done a huge amount to improve the employment figures, and it is right that they are rewarded for doing so. This will see more people helped out of unemployment, which is a very good thing." 

13.41 - Ed Miliband attacks the chancellor's past promises, saying that, after all the misery and harsh medicine, George Osborne can only offer "more of the same". He also suggests splits are emerging in the coalition, as ministers criticise the Chancellor.

13.44 - "Millions are paying more so millionaires can pay less" - Ed Miliband.