A NETWORK of professionals in Barnsley has been recognised as one of the most effective in the country at monitoring and acting on information about people who are at risk of domestic violence.

The network, called Barnsley Multi-Agency Risk Assessment Conference (MARAC), has been recognised by a charity working on behalf of the Home Office as the best performing in England, Wales and Northern Ireland for the number of referrals it deals with.

“We have a committed group of health representatives who recognise the signs of domestic abuse and the risks involved," said Martin Farran from the council.

"A range of frontline staff in Barnsley identify domestic abuse on a regular basis and risk assess every victim. As a result, this has picked up many high-risk victims that may otherwise have been missed,” he added.

Barnsley is also one of the first areas to accept referrals of younger people, aged 16-plus, into the MARAC network.