A RENEWABLE energy company has admitted the presence of wind turbines can disturb television reception after it was contacted by angry Crow Edge residents.

Infinis - responsible for the wind farm at Blackstone Edge - has offered to pay for the installation of satellite television services or new aerials at some affected properties.

Resident Josephine Crayton contacted the BBC about the problem, as well as writing to Infinis, MP Angela Smith and Barnsley Council.

Mrs Crayton received a letter back from the Northampton-based energy company in which it admitted the turbines can cause television problems.

“It’s all up in the air,” said Mrs Clayton. “We’ve got an admission from Infinis that wind turbines do affect television receptions. They've admitted it in a letter and that's all I wanted."

Mrs Crayton lives less than eight miles from Emley Moor transmitting station and was told by the BBC that, based on her postcode, she should have a good reception.

Penistone East councillor Robert Barnard has vehemently opposed a series of wind turbine applications for a number of reasons, including the effect of strobing, sites being within the greenbelt and potential harm to wildlife. 

"Even a digital signal could be obstructed by a structure like a turbine,” Cllr Barnard said. "The only solution is if someone provides satellite for these people. It’s the only solution we’re aware of."